Garage2020 Toolkit

Garage2020 uses many already developed tools and also develops new ones.


Discover / Define

Develop / Deliver

Phases Overview




How to define the problem (PDF)

How to formulate a mission statement (PDF)

How to do lean market research (7 tips)

How to Interview

How to make Personas

How to make a Customer Journey

How to design a Value Proposition (Canvas)

How to define Assumptions

How to come up with Ideas



How to do a Design Sprint

How to do user research

How to paper prototype

How to make a logo

How to reach users

How to e-mail marketing

How to partnerships

How to pitch



Online tools that we recommend

For Interviewing:

Auto Edit: From audio to text

For Online Surveys:

Typeform: Beautiful online surveys

For Customer Journeys:

Uxpressia: Customer Journey for non-designers

For Product Marketing:

Empty States – Delight users by designing the empty states.

Send better emails: Emails –

For Landing Pages:

Land book

For Onboarding:


For Better Writing:

Voice and Tone

For Pricing:

Pricing Pages

For Designing User Interfaces:

UI template


For Visual Content:

Free visual content tools (a list)

Unsplash: Free Stock photos.

Pictofigo: Hand drawings.

For Icons:

For Paper Prototyping:

Paper Proto

Grid Print: Grids for paper prototyping:

Paper Kit: Print dotted paper

Sketching on your phone





Other Toolkits that we recommend

Media Lab Amsterdam

Co-creation toolkit Waag

Design Thinking for non-designers

What is design Thinking?

Trello Resources (SOON TO BE UPDATED)